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Oleksandr Bortnyk
Founder of the Academy. Main coach. Grandmaster International Master
World Chess Champion U18 2014
Language: Russian/English
Yauheniya Bortnik

Co-founder. Director of the Academy "Bortnik Chess Academy"
Language: Russian/English
Anastasiya Shevialevich
Manager Bortnik Chess Academy
Language: Russian/English
Uliana Bereda
Chess coach. International Master.
Language: Russian/English
Gastón Andretta
Chess coach. National Master.
Language: Spanish/English
Anatoliy Polivanov
Chess coach. International Master.
Language: Russian/English
Iulia Andronic
Chess coach. International Master. Champion of Moldova in chess
Language: Russian/English
Yana Lapidus
Graduated from Alma - Ata Pedagogical Institute in 1989. I use the method of teaching children the Russian language at the Lomonosov school and Natalia Pavlova.
Language: Russian/English
Zhaoxuan Li
Florida International University: Master of Science in Engineer Management, Computer Science Track Miami, FL
Mathnasium Math Training: Math Tutor Miami, FL
Taught mathematics to students in local high schools, middle schools, elementary schools at Miami Beach office. Gave positive
psychological support and encourage students to learn.
Language: English
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