Our children have won more than 300+ tournaments

Our academy operates online worldwide and offline in Florida ( Hallandale). We are dedicated to broadening and developing chess as art, recreation, and as a significant element of culture in FL. The best chess academy in Florida. Head coach Grandmaster, international master, world championship. Chess school for different ages and levels. Highly qualified teachers. South Florida chess club.
Our Advantages
Our victories
Our children have won
more than 300+
Raised champions of Europe, America, Belarus in different age categories
We teach in Russian, English, Spanish.


Education for children and adults from 4 years old

The chess school was created to develop the intellectual abilities of the younger generations. Such as: logical thinking, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence. Develop the following competencies in children and adolescents: decision making; goal setting and achievement; assessment and analysis; search and elimination of errors.
Russian language
Teaching the Russian language for children 4-18 years old

A holistic training course based on the principles of teaching Russian as a native language and as a foreign language, which are successfully used by bilingual specialists in their work, both in the Russian language environment and outside Russia.

Teaching children from 4-12 years old

Mental arithmetic is a program for the development of mental and creative abilities based on the oral counting system. Having mastered it, the child will be able to solve arithmetic problems in his head in just a few seconds. The technique is recommended for children from 4 to 12 years old. However, modern development centers are ready to teach older people, as a rule, with one caveat - the later you start, the more effort will be required.
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BORTNIK CHESS ACADEMY is the leading US chess academy for children and adults. The founder of the academy is the World Champion, Grandmaster Alexander Bortnik. Own teaching methodology created by the world champion and world-class masters with the participation of psychologists and teachers.

The academy methodology ensures effective teaching and high results of our students at international and regional tournaments. All our methods are based on an individual approach to each child.

Our main concern is psychological comfort, emotional well-being and the success of our pupils.

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Individual lessons in mathematics for children from 4 years old
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Location and Contact
Please, if you want to support the development of chess to become a partner or sponsor, contact us:
Hallandale, Florida
1250 East Hallandale Beach, Suite 907
+1 786 812-8088
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